The survey on internationalization potential of SMEs was developed in the framework of Startup Connect project. The aim of the survey is to raise awareness of the potential for internationalization of SMEs and startups from St. Petersburg and Leningrad region operating in cleantech industry.

Over the last years sustainable development has become increasingly important in Russia. While taking international responsibilities on fulfilling SDGs as well as abiding by Paris agreements on climate change, Russian government is concentrating on the development of green economy in the country both by fostering public discussions and reforming environmental legislation. Civil society as well as is encouraging clean tech business solutions as we see a dramatic shift in the way Russian citizens treat the nature. A long-lasting perception, that an abundance of space and natural resources allow us not to worry about using up and wasting everything we have, was replaced by the culture of environment protection.

St. Petersburg is one of the key pioneers in cleantech sector. City’s authorities fully understand the urgent need to improve ecological situation and give impetus to development of clean tech companies. The St. Petersburg Environmental policy 2030 is a great illustration of it. This documents sets out clear objectives to be achieved till 2030 in terms of reducing environmental burden, increasing energy efficiency, developing sustainable transport system, rising citizens’ awareness, and improving waste management. Taking into account potential contribution of private sector, the policy defines measures designed to facilitate the emergence of “green market” through supporting sustainable companies, including cleantech firms and introducing incentives for investments in resource-efficient and environmental friendly technology.

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*The project is funded by the European Union, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Finland in the framework of South-East Finland-Russia CBC 2014-2020 Programme. The project is executed by the following consortium: Cursor - Kotka-Hamina Regional Development Company (FIN) (Lead partner), ITMO University (RUS), XAMK - South-East Finland University of Applied Sciences (FIN), St. Petersburg Foundation for Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Development (RUS).